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Scruffy Tuxedo Entertainment (STE) was founded on the priniple of creating content that can optimize returns for our investors, garner mutual recognition for our clients and ourselves, increase the valuation of the work we do, and provide for a broad audience returning and ever increasing base.

Tim Sudano


CEO, Executive Producer


Heading up operations is CEO and award-winning Writer/Producer,Tim Sudano. With a multitude of credits behind the scenes including Director, he is also a classically trained actor. Tim’s insight and experience on both sides of the camera make him an ideal leader in project development and implementation. While in the US Air Force, his natural leadership skills were bolstered. To this day he leads effectively, efficiently, and compassionately.




Judy F. Miller


COO, Producer


Having had several leadership roles, COO, Judy Miller, built a career within the City of San Jose, including running the Public Relations Department for the City’s library system, and Event Coordination for departmental events. She’s a highly organized, dynamic and detailed machine of logistics and operations. Judy’s extended experience also comes into play in the marketing and advertising sectors of STE.

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