A fun, campy, off beat webseries that tried to take itself too seriously, but couldn't.


"Witch's Reign"

The short film that started it all!


Currently in Pre-Production


A horror/thriller that follows a brother and sister duo up to the family mountain home, where they have drawn their lot to help their uncle ready ‘Grandma’s House’ for the annual Family Festivities over the Holidays.  A series of brutal killings takes place among the  sparse mountain community, very similar to a rash of unsolved murders in a nearby town.  And 'Grandma's House' may be the serial killer's final stop.


Currently Being Developed

"The Seekers of..."

Chronicles a Paranormal Research Team as they doggedly pursue of the Truth.



Taos_Hum_302 finds himself without  country when he discovers the mother-load of all data-caches after following the digital clues set forth by the much maligned Poo_Monkey.



A small cadre of monster hunters uncover a plot by a temproal architect to unravel Earth's properous future.



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