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Film and television projects have several factors that Independent Filmmakers do not always consider. That's where Scruffy Tuxedo Entertainment (STE) can help. 


We have over 25 years of filmmaking experience and access to hundreds of resources. STE can help your production get started and finished on time, and on budget.



Here's What We Offer:


Production Consultancy:

A review of your project (from script to marketing concepts) will tell us where you are in your project and allow us to advise how to optimize your project/budget ratio for the best success. Now including A.I. Services.


Pre-Production Services

  • Production Design

  • A.I. Marketing Copy

  • A.I.-based Social Media Generators

  • Story Boards & A.I.-based Art Generation

  • Line Production/ Budgeting

  • Script Services

    • Table Readers (Hear your script out loud)

    • Writing Team (Multi-genre writers for TV Projects)

    • Script Doctor (professionally beef up your script )

  • Crew Leads (who have their own crews)

  • Casting Services

  • Location Scouting

  • Permit and Insurance Application

Principle Production Services

  • Director(s)

  • Costumers

  • Armorers

  • Digital Imaging Tech (D.I.T.)

  • Production Designers

  • CGI Artists (story-board animatics, background/foreground elements, animation)

  • VR Studio

  • 360 Green Screen Studio

Post Production Services

  • Non-Linear Editing (1080P to 8K)

  • Foley

  • A.D.R.

  • Before Picture / After Picture Credits

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