What's S.C.A.R.I.?

In what is likely one of the most unusual outreach programs ever on record, we offer our services with S.C.A.R.I. (pronounced Scary; The Seekers of California for Aethreal Research and Investigation). One of the most trusted names in paranormal investigations, we have been in operation since 2004, and have a strong reputation with regard to our professionalism, our willingness to listen, and our thoroughness in conducting our investigations.

Our investigation methods consider everything from the underlying geology of a given site, to the location's history, among many other initial factors.  While we often find environmental factors and many logical, if not, less obvious explanations for sounds, feelings, and even voices, there are still those uncanny experiences that defy conventional explanation and that is what we live for.


We want to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the paranormal (ghosts, UFOs, Cryptids) are in fact real.  


We conduct a thorough technologically based investigation coupled with psychic assistance/insight in a two-prong method.:


1) Interview clients/witnesses, and conduct technological surveillance & investigation of the given affected environment (house/business/other location).


2) Our psychic(s) (kept in isolation) will either remotely or personally walkthrough and contact any entities/spirits in order to evaluate the severity of a given haunting*.


*  - In the case of haunting, the psychic will try to illicit recordable/witness-able evidence

   - The psychic can and/or will 'cleanse' a haunted location upon request for an additional fee.

   - If the investigation is of the UFO or Cryptid nature, the psychic will deduce the severity/danger of the entities involved and

     communicate any impressions that can aid in resolving the ‘infestation’.

S.C.A.R.I. is a Public Outreach Service conducted by Scruffy Tuxedo Entertainment's Executive Board and its staff.

Call us at: 408-320-8467


Our Primary zone of operation is in Greater San Jose / Silicon Valley of California.  If you have need of our services, outside of our operational zone, there may be an additional fuel fee associated with our investigation.

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