A fun, campy, off beat webseries that tried to take itself too seriously, but couldn't.


"Witch's Reign"

The short film that started it all!


Currently Being Developed

"The Seekers of..."



Chronicles a Paranormal Research Team as they doggedly pursue of the Truth.  Whether a haunting, a UFO siting, or a cryptid experience, our dogged investigators will dive in and dig out whatever piece of new information they can to add to,  if not, tell the whole story.



Taos_Hum_302 finds himself without a country when he discovers the mother-load of all data-caches after following the digital clues set forth by the much maligned Poo_Monkey.







Aethreal: Season 2



The Dramedy continues.   Six years after the dismantling of the Presrvation Society, and Ray's scarifice to the faerie's , we find Dillion living a normal life - going to college.  He continues to practice his Magical skills but more as the gaurdian angel of the campus - secretly imbuing others with the magic of their full potential for short bursts.


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Production Packages

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