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"T.O.L." (Television Series)

Television Series




As battle-hardened monster hunter John Lantree builds his T.O.L. team, nothing can prepare him for the fight he’s about to undertake, as a distant force that has consumed half the galaxy, makes its way toward Earth.


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Currently in Pre-Production

"Death By Writer's Block" (Feature)

Feature Film






Famous novelists adopt their detective alter-egos at a mystery party on a private island. When the hostess meets with foul play, the fake detectives must become the heroes they write about in order to outwit a real killer.

Currently Being Developed




An enigmatic ruler wants a rare artifact, currently kept on another planet. He employs the best thief on his world, by holding his sister’s life as collateral. The thief has 40 hours to get to the other planet, break into a next-level security lab, retrieve the artifact, and return with the prize.  Tick-tock little theif...!


"Taos_Hum_302" (Feature)


    Taos_Hum_302  discovers the mother-load of all data-caches after following the digital clues set forth by the much maligned Poo_Monkey.

    But as he sets out to share his findings with the world, he discovers that nefarious government entities are already persuing him.

    He must find a way to overcome the encrytion on the info he has and share it with the world before the government nabs him and makes him disappear forever.

It's been almost a decade since the evily maligned Preservation Society was destroyed by Dylan and Ray. Dylan has  been living a quiet normal life at the Aethereal Book Store. He continues to practice his Magic, but more as the secret guardian angel of the neighborhood, as he stops the occasional mugging, or robbery with a snap. But something on the horizon reeks of evil... will one wozrd be enough to combat what's coming.

Earth’s first Faster-Than-Light vessel, the UESC Endeavor, tests its ‘jump drive’, a One Light Year hop.  When the ship completes its ‘jump’ the crew find themselves some 100 Light Years off course.  A beacon sent ahead of them, might be their only way home, if they can find it.

An example of we've done in the past...



The award-inning short film that started it all!



​A fun, campy, off-beat web series.

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