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Television/Web Productions

Do you want to make that stand-out series that will change the world, or tickle everyone's fancy? Or, perhaps you're seeking to frighten and titillate.  Scruffy Tuxedo Entertainment, LLC is here to help!  We have a variety of packages to fit your budget, whether it's helping to write the script, cast the perfect players, or back you with the full might of our equipment and staff. Our goal is to help bolster your vision. Give us a call or email us and we'll happy to discuss your projects.

Feature Productions

Our feature production capabilities are 2K- & 4K-ready.  Give your feature the capability to not only visually stand out, but competely embrace your audience with a professionally shot and produced story.  Let our decades of expertise and experience pave the way to your next award-winning film.  STE can and will be happy to help you through all phases of production, and we can easily facilitate all of your needs.  

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